During the last couple of years the VetRepos project received assistance from almost 1000 European veterinary students to trail and validate nearly 1000 test questions (items). In the item trials the questions were presented in a standard (linear, fixed format) test. However, the goal has always been to create an item bank as the basis for a test that was targeted/tailored to each individual student. This type of test is called a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT).

CAT Trials with QuizOne

As a deliverable of the Vetrepos project (IO5), in August 2023 we have signed a contract with Icognitus IT solutions for the use of QuizOne® as the software platform to support the adaptive progress test in our institutions for the coming two years. Momentary, we are testing the use of the software in the participating institutions. Almost 200 students were invited to participate in two trials using QuizOne® to test the use of the new adaptive test format, the GDPR compliant interface and to get experiences for feedback options of the software. It is expected that as of January 2024 the software can be fully deployed for adaptive progress testing in the participating universities

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