The main objective of the research project Scientific Pedagogical Study is to compare two different proxies of study success to each other: the course grades which are usually based on high-stake examinations and students’ performance in the low-stake integrative VetRepos progress tests. All students who can participate in the Study have taken the VetRepos progress test once or more. The second objective is to describe the relationship between study success, students’ approaches to studying and learning, and their own perception of study-related burnout.

If you have any questions, reservations or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact representative of the Scientific Pedagogical Study at your faculty:

Helsinki: Antti Iivanainen (principal investigator),

Oslo: Charles M. Press,

Uppsala: Johanna Penell,

Utrecht: Theo van Haeften,

Hannover: Elisabeth Schaper,

Copenhagen: Peter Holm,