The main purpose of VetRepos is to establish a common item (question) databank that can be used for formative veterinary progress testing. To reach this goal, it is important that the quality and psychometric properties of these items are analyzed. To do so, a series of trial runs for the progress test will be conducted until at least 1200 validated questions have been added to the databank. At least 600 students from the partner institutions will be invited to answer the questions digitally so their answers can be analyzed. Item trialing should not be perceived as a test of the student’s ability but merely a test of the content of the items. Nevertheless, it is important that all participating students participate in this trial as if it were a real test in order to validate the items at a realistic data foundation.

In December 2021 and April 2022 the first two item trials have taken place. All veterinary students from the six partner universities (from first year to final year students) were invited to take part. For four weeks, students were able to enter our survey platform (Qualtrics) and answer the questions. As mentioned above the responses are used for psychometric validation and quality control of the items (do the items measure what they are intended to?). But as a sign of our appreciation, we offer all participating students individual feedback on the overall performance, as if it was a real test or examination. All individual data and feedback will be treated as strictly confidential information and only the student itself will be granted access. All participating students that also decide to participate in later item trial session, will receive feedback on their progress between the two tests.

Are you a student from one of the partner universities and do you want to contribute to this project and participate in future item trials? Please send an email to , or find the link on this page when the next trial is available (approximately June 2022). To read our project summary, click here.

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To participate in a trial, we require you to consent to our Privacy Policy as stated below.